There is nothing more powerful than an idea, whose time has come.




"Bavarian Alpine Manifest" (B.A.M.) is both the statement and proof of the open confrontation with visions that express a personal alpine passion. B.A.M. is "Bambam" Markus Steinke, who is addicted to mountains in general and even more so to skiing in particular. The "Bavarian Alpine Manifest" is the name for a way of life with the daily drive to implement visions. B.A.M. stands for technically mature and well-functioning products for mountain sports.


The implementation of an idea you are obsessed with can suddenly encroach every thought and aspect of your personal life... For us, the PINDING® is much more than a newly developed ski binding system. It is our look beyond the horizon, grown out of an in-depth analysis of our personal needs on the mountain. The PINDING® is a project we are totally committed to and that we are realizing with full conviction. This is what we have been working toward from day one. 24/7.


B.A.M. strives to implement and manifest innovative product ideas for demanding mountaineers and skiers.

Developed in Bavaria: B.A.M. is a young ski binding manufacturer from Bavaria. We are aware of our origins. Taking into account environmental and economic aspects we are working with local suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore the PINDING® has been designed in the Bavarian homeland.


"Tame birds sing about freedom, wild birds fly!" B.A.M. has implemented this claim on the day of incorporation of the GmbH, November 19, 2014. Everything we develop has to inspire us. Communication at B.A.M. means a lot more than talking about business. Here at B.A.M. we are all skiing artists and friends working together and pursuing a common passion: skiing.

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