The people behind B.A.M.

„Music expresses that what cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.“

(Quote Victor Hugo)

The B.A.M.-Tribe | behind the scenes


We’re not musicians. We are skiers. Passionate mountaineers and nature sportsmen. Everybody for himself an individualist. For us, the mountain is our dance floor, the snow is the heavy fog on the floor and snowfall is the disco ball. The soft trickle of snow is music to our ears. A harmonic series of turns is the melody. Our skis are the musical notes. Our turns make the sound, our heartbeat the beat. Our songs result in our lines. We pass into dance ecstasy because of too many face shots. First lines give us the adrenaline in our blood.

What music means to Victor Hugo, skiing means to us. Even we, the B.A.M. tribe find it hard to express what it is that affects us while skiing. But everyone for himself through his own songs.

Applause and set the stage for our B.A.M. band!

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