Riskprotect for B.A.M.

Riskprotect - Innovation in action

B.A.M. and Riskprotect have in common the highest demands on a product functionality and quality. The ability ttake the broader view is the prerequisite to implement visions. The shared passion for mountaineering and long experience is the basis to meet the needs on the mountain and find progressive solutions.

"Innovation in Action" - In developing advanced products for the outdoor and mountain sports area, the company Riskprotect sets on years of expertise and intensive practical experience in the fields of mountaineering, rock climbing, outdoor and mountain sports. In addition the specialized company from Bolzano in South Tyrol also focus on safety equipment. Its portfolio includes the development of innovative concepts, sophisticated design and engineering solutions as well as the implementation in series.

For B.A.M. Riskprotect is instrumental in implementing our progressive ski touring and freeride binding PINDING®.
More information about Riskprotect can be found here.



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