The PINDNG® by B.A.M. is a redeveloped freeride binding

The logical consequence of ascent-oriented pin technology and a powerful alpine binding

The PINDING® is the technical development of a freeride and touring binding. The progressive binding system by B.A.M. Bavarian Alpine Manifest combines the walking comfort of a pin system during the ascent (WALK) with the safety and power transmission of an alpine binding when skiing (SKI). The integrated pin system in the front-piece is only used in WALK mode. For skiing the PINDING® is converted into an alpine safety binding on pivot basis with adjustable DIN setting and an elastic release.



High walking comfort during the ascent thanks to the integrated pin system through

- zero lifted weight

- ideal pivot point

- two-stage adjustable risers

- holding for crampons



Safety, power transmission and steering quality of an alpine binding on pivot base when skiing through

- adjustable DIN setting in the front-piece and heel system

- elastic lateral and vertical releasing

- rotating pivot base, that prevents pre-releases

- low platform height

- harmonic ski flex



I developed the PINDING® for the uncompromising use when freeriding, ski touring and alpine skiing.“ B.A.M. CEO Bambam Markus Steinke. Therewith the PINDING® closes the gap in regard to safety, comfort and power transmission and has unique characteristics.

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