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Welcome to A REAEL STORY!

What is it, that connects us with our friends and colleagues of Whiteroom Productions? The passion for mountaineering and skiing. Their work expresses in unique images and special stories what inspires us.

Whiteroom Productions is an independent film and video production from Innsbruck (Austria), that was founded in 2011 by Johannes Hoffmann and Simon Platzer. Whiteroom Productions specializes in the production of high-quality outdoor movies. They focus on elaborate ski films. The portfolio is complemented by the sophisticated outdoor and mountain sports photography by photographer and mountain guide Jakob Schweighofer. Meaningful advertising campaigns and creative music videos complete the service portfolio of Whiteroom Productions.

Their passion for skiing, skating and mountain sports is their source of creativity. Their projects are an expression of their "obsession" for film and photography. Their purpose is to give every image and scene a special and honest expression. For B.A.M. the creative minds Joi, Jacob and Simon convey authentically what B.A.M. and the PINDING® represents. 

Visit the website of Whiteroom Productions here.



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