Normann Michl

Michl Normann © BAM / Jakob Schweighofer


5 songs for B.A.M.

Name:               Michl „Wow“ Normann

by B.A.M.:       Teamfahrer & Testdummy

Profession:      Mountains in his blood


#1 Your homespot sounds like...

...It doesn’t has to be bigger all the time. As Bruce Springsteen in "Radio Nowhere" sings: "Just searchin' for a world with some soul ..." This spot for me is in Achenkirch (Christlum). When my ski heart says. "I just want to hear some rhythm!"

Whether a short break for hours or for the entire day - there are so many different runs: From smooth Big Turns to flowy tree runs! Once you set the first turns in the snow it sounds like ACDC "You shook me all night long... Had to cool me down to take another round in the ring back to take another swing..."


#2 On your way skiing the player sings...

...Get in the car towards the mountains with "Neues Glück" by In Extremo. „Nun zieh ich los, lass' alles liegen, das was ich brauch', ich bei mir trag'. Dies Gefühl kann nichts aufwiegen, denn heute weiß ich, das wird mein Tag!" But I admit: "I am One Of Those melodramatic fools, neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it!" By Green Day "Basket Case".


#3 The soundtrack of your ski dreams...

...Skiing is pure joie de vivre! That's why I love the sound of Loch Lomond "Wax and Wire" with fun and excitement. "Come take the line and I'll take the line, and I will pull you out. To swing in the sun..." And when you feel the beat in your veins, think of: "You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo." By Eminem "Loose yourself".


#4 Your flow while skiing sounds like...

...a mixture of Banana Fishbones "Snowflakes" and "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd: "I do not dare to say no, I'm going where all snowflakes go! Come on get up and raise the Two Fingers ". As the heart beats faster. Then it comes full circle. "...Where the skies are so blue, sweet home Bavaria."


#5 The sound of B.A.M.... simply authentic and versatile. Just as the entire team that supports the PINDING®. True to the claim: "Do not want to make this life seem glamorous 'cause it's not. Be what you are, not what you're not..." by Jaya the Cat in "Shit Jobs for Rock".

Anna Kendrick in "Cups". She never loses the fun of it and gives us the reason to work together: "It's got mountains, it's got rivers, it's got to give you shivers sights! Two bottle 'a whiskey for the way. And I sure would like some sweet company!"

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In his portfolio Michl Normann is talking about Bavarian Alpine Manifest and his first test with the PINDING®.


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