Liebling for B.A.M.

Liebling | Bavarian fashion label and B.A.M. partner

What is it, that Liebling and B.A.M. have in common? It's an alternative, Bavarian attitude to life, which is characterized by openness, individuality, humor, honesty and self-confidence. We are both big mountain and winter sports enthusiasts with "Mountains in the blood" (quote Liebling). The "feinste Gleithölzer" by Liebling are developed and produced in cooperation with our B.A.M. CEO and ski manufacturer "Bambam" Markus Steinke, that reflects this common passion.

The exclusive fashion label Liebling was founded 2006 in Bad Toelz by Thomas Bacher. The source of inspiration for the unique Liebling collection is the Bavarian home. Its noble knitting Janker, sweaters and dresses are made from fine wool and breathe modern lifestyle into the traditional costume. The streetwear collection transports humor and individuality. Liebling puts on highest quality, sophisticated cuts and the finest materials when producing their clothing. The result are collector's items that transport sustainable values and fun.

Liebling and B.A.M. combines friendship and a common origin, of that we are aware. Values such as quality, sustainability, honesty and high standards describe the special collaboration.

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