Hoffmann Joi

Joi Hoffmann © BAM / Jakob Schweighofer


5 songs for B.A.M.

Name:                Joi Hoffmann

by B.A.M.:         1st Testdummy & Teamrider

Profession:        Skier / Film producer


#1 Your homespot sounds like...

...All along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix. From quiet flowy tree runs to wide and rocky Big Lines - and the whole day until the sun goes down!


#2 On the way skiing the player sings...

...Putzen - Mark Boombastik. No idea why, but this song always brings good mood into the car or the bus. 


#3 The soundtrack of your ski dreams...

...Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen. For a skiing dream it takes the perfect song and something more perfect as Bohemian Rhapsody? No chance!


#4 Your flow while skiing sounds like...

...Immigrant Song - Led Zeppelin. The song runs and nothing can stop it. Yet it ends after 2:20 minutes. There's just one solution: replay as many times as possible...


#5 The sound of B.A.M....

...Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel. The song transports a great spirit of optimism. To break away from the old vices and revolutionize the skiing world with a new idea! With a new idea, that does not come from a big company, but from a small start-up. "I was feeling part of the scenery, I walked right out of the machinery. My heart going B.A.M., B.A.M., B.A.M.!" When you first hear about  the idea of ​​PINDING®, it’s like:" I did not believe the information. Just had to trust imagination. My heart going B.A.M., B.A.M., B.A.M.!"

And then you finally hold the finished product in your hands and you know, it’ll work and you won’t need anything else: "Today I don't need a replacement, I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant. My heart going B.A.M., B.A.M., B.A.M.! "

That's the sound of B.A.M.! Always a good mood and with full conviction and wholeheartedly - from an idea to the finished product.

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