Temple Basin club field

About hard ascents and descents

Temple Basin (TB) is another off-piste paradise in the heart of New Zealand's Southern Alps, which is surrounded by the varied natural diversity of Arthur's Pass National Park.

The description "back to the roots" boils it down to the essence: The isolation and easy-going mentality of this club field has brought us down.

Already the access to the ticket booth (Lockwood Shelter) is a big challenge: Instead of driving, you have to walk in about 45 minutes over hedge and ditch to a 400 meters higher Shelter. The equipment is transported by an old goodslift to the Alpin Lodge.

Temple Basin ski club field
The backcountry of Temple Basin offers a huge playground

Once you have reached the Lockwood Shelter, three rope tows open up a 320 hectare ski area with a very serious and steep terrain. The longest run counts around 420 meters of altitude. The backcountry of Temple Basin offers even a larger playground. The on- and off-piste options have an alpine character and seem limitless: steep, narrow and huge. In short: powerful.

Temple Basin ski club field NZ
Joi is looking for the perfect drop in

For many freeriders in the freeride community, TB is one of the best ski areas worldwide. The snow situation varies from extremely poor to supernatural. In a good season, the snowpack grows over 3 meters and extends the ski season well into spring. We were pretty lucky during our visit ;)

Skiing opportunities in Temple Basin
The B.A.M. CEO is testing the PINDING®

After we had exploit the skiing opportunities to our satisfaction, we left toward Roundhill.

Further information about the Temple Basin ski club field can be found here.

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