Skiing in New Zealand

Introduction of club skifields in New Zealand

Skiing is something that doesn’t release us. Despite summer temperatures in Europe and we still look wistfully to the other side of the globe - especially to New Zealand, where the Winter is currently on.

Last season we visited New Zealand for testing the first prototypes of PINDING®. Using the Multi Mountain Chill Pass by our partner Chill Studio we got to know the opportunities for skiing there. To all of you, for whom the abstinence from skiing already lasts too long, we want to introduce some club skifields in the New Zealand Southern Alps.

Craigieburn Valley | take it easy

The Craigieburn Valley Ski Area is located in the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Alps on the north western end of the Craigieburn Range. Approximately one and a half hours drive from Christchurch, the Craigieburn Valley club field was the first destination of our journey and the place where the PINDING® was skied for the first time...

Craigieburn Mountain Range

The Craigieburn Mountain Range in the heart of the Southern Alps NZ
Direction to the Craigieburn Ski Clubfield in the heart of New Zealand's Southern Alps

The Craigieburn Valley is a "place to take it easy" (Quote: In the Craigieburn club field you always have a quiet time. You rarely meet more than a handful of skiers. The non-profit ski area, that is runed by the eponymous club (Craigieburn ski club), is also the seasonal home to inveterate ski bums from around the world. It offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. Modern lifts are out of place here. Instead, you will be transported with three rope tows to the starting point of numerous backcountry runs. Narrow chutes alternate with open fields from where one can draw endlessly wide turns. The perfect terrain to test the PINDING® on its downhill performance.

Assuming you manage the driveway. So getting up on the rope tow with the so-called Nutcracker, a device that helps you holding on the rope, was the first big challenge for us. Once our team rider Joi managed the ride with the lift under high physical and mental effort, there were no obstacles left for the first turns with the PINDING®.

Our nervousness rose immeasurably before the first turn with the PINDING®. With trembling knees we were skiing one after another carefully into the slope. Nothing happened, except that we got very happy and started to enjoy every successful turn. The slopes became steeper, the lines more demanding and the cliffs higher...

After we had tracked the last patches of snow, it was time to travel to the next club field to test the performance of PINDING® in ascending...

Here you can find out more about Craigieburn Valley Ski Area.

#SkiUnbound - B.A.M.

Testing PINDING® at the Craigieburn Ski Area
Joi Hoffmann testing the PINDING® by B.A.M. at the Craigieburn ski clubfield

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