Prototype production with 3D printing

3D printing allows first prototypes of the PINDING®

After intensive development it was possible to produce and test the first prototypes of the front-piece of PINDING® in early September.

After the four-week practical test phase, the result was that the prototype front-piece could withstand the high loads on the ascent (over 12.000 vertical meters) and the descent with changing temperature and snow conditions (ice, crud, corn snow, firn, powder). In cooperation with our partner, the Trindo Digital Manufaktur GmbH from Munich, the technologically sophisticated concept of the front-piece has been implemented using the SLS 3D printing process.

SLS stands for Selective Laser Sintering and is a 3D printing technique for a rapid development of prototypes. Via selective laser sintering spatial structures can be produced from a powdery substance. For the first prototypes of the PINDING® a PA plastic was processed. At first the printing powder is applied in layers and then fused together in a sintering process. A high power laser generates the melting temperature required for this. The 3D graphics file of the desired object is the basic prerequisite for the production of 3D prototypes.

The advantage of the SLS 3D printing process is that no tools are needed for the manufacture of the components. Thus, the production time for small quantities is shortened. The first prototypes of the PINDING® were made within a week. With the SLS manufactured components, materials, which are also used in series production, can be simulated very well.

We are very confident for the series production of the PINDING® in the conventional injection molding process. In our case the PINDING® has withstood the extreme requirements while skiing and ski touring over four weeks. Among the requirements were high external forces like beatings and rotational forces, as well as extreme temperature changes, wind, snow, sun and water.

"In testing our prototypes successfully we have already taken the biggest hurdle and demonstrated the feasibility of our idea. Now, it remains to optimize some technical features and develop the items of the PINDING® ready for series production." Thus saith the engineer of PINDING®, Michael Kreuzinger at the present state of development.

You can also support us in the development of our PINDING® ready for series production. Get more information about our crowdfunding for the PINDING® here

Photogallery of the prototype front-piece of the PINDING®

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