Porters ski area

Family ski area with amazing views

It's the Great Alpine Highway 73, that leads slowly and continuously from Christchurch upwards Allison Peak, where the ski area of Porters is located.

The last part takes you on a small road over the Porters Pass and past Lake Lyndon directly to the chairlift of Porters. Yes, you read that right - a chairlift! The Porters Ski Area is one of the largest and most commercial ski areas, we visited with the Multi Mountain Chill Pass of our partner Chill Studio on our journey through the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

View over the Porters ski area
Joi and Michl enjoying the view over the Porters ski area

Porter offers a 4-seater chair lift, three T-bar lifts and a beginner’s carpet lift. Moreover, there are snow making machines for artificial snow, a snow groomer, a snow sport school and a well-stocked ski rental, on which the Kiwis are very proud of. You don’t have to pay much attention on other skiers on the slopes, but rather on the Keas. The New Zealand mountain parrot do not hesitate about anything here, that is not nailed down. Remains of shredded ski boots or clothes are no uniqueness on the parking area of Porters.

The ski area is seven hectars big and offers wide and moderately steep descents - perfect for beginners and chillers. However the mighty ridges around the ski resort appealed to us. On those ridges we would test the performance of PINDING® in ascending. Shortly after the Keas finally let start our drone, the shots with the vast panorama and the successful testing in ascending were documented.

Mountain range of the Porters ski area
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