The other day on the football field

Team B.A.M. battles against each other in the THUNDERDOME arena

We fought; we've suffered; we've sweated, we won, we lost. At the ultimate BATTLE of the THUNDERDOME we have kicked our hearts out!

Let the games begin

CEO of B.A.M. kicks the ball
B.A.M. CEO starts the first attack...
Engineer of the PINDING® proceeds to counterattack proceeds to counterattack, test dummy is on the spot...
Dipl. Ing. Junior starts attack towards the goal
...pass to Dipl. Ing. Junior, blocked by cameraman. He goes down to the ground...
B.A.M. department Marketing & Communication intervenes
Department B.A.M. Marketing & Communication reclaims. Foul play.
B.A.M. CEO and engineer of PINDING® battle
Renewed attack by the B.A.M. CEO...
Engineer of PINDING® blocks B.A.M. CEO
...the engineer of PINDING® is ready in time...
The B.A.M. Team is fighting hard
Encouraging words from the B.A.M. department Marketing & Communication...
B.A.M. goalkeeper finally in action
A shot on the goal of the B.A.M. goalkeeper follows...
B.A.M. Marketing & Communication defend the goal
...she drags down the goal, but the ball wasn't in there.
B.A.M. opponents on the football field
Intimidated? Nope...
Engineer of PINDING® on the football field
...but exhausted
All teams of the BATTLE of the THUNDERDOME
...Finally, the final whistle!

A big thank you for the awesome images and great fun goes out to our friends of Whiteroom Productions and of course to all involved. It was great!

Pictures by Whiteroom Productions.

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