Moving mountains

...surpassing oneself

A B.A.M. story published in the BACKLINE Backcountry Freeskiing Photo & Story Magazine, issue #6/2016.

What is it, that people make surpassing themselves? In our case it is an idea od a new binding systems for freeriding. "Moving Mountains" tells the story behind this idea, that was formed by the dream of individual fulfillment. A story, in which the personal vision is put to the test and difficult challenges are mastered together.

"Success never happens alone", as our friends Joi, Jakob and Simon once came to the point. With a vision and compassionate friends, you can manage to surpass yourself and push the boundaries. As back then at the first testing of the prototype front-pieces of PINDING® in New Zealand. It's one mutual passion that makes us a team and allows us to excel. It's the mountains that run through our veins...

The story of our New Zealand adventure with the PINDING® was published in this year's BACKLINE magazine. You can find a visual foretaste of our story right here:


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