Interview with "Bambam" Markus Steinke

In conversation with Bambam about innovation, B.A.M. and the PINDING®

What Bambam has to say on the subjects of innovation, B.A.M. and PINDING® you can read in the following interview.


Hei Bambam, how are you? Let's come straight to the point. What does "innovation" mean to you?

I'm pretty good, thanks. For me, innovation is to think outside the box. It's the result of an open confrontation with personal visions. Innovation comes from turning these visions into reality.

In your opinion, what makes B.A.M. so special?

B.A.M. already represents many beautiful attributes. Especially an honest product, that is "made at home". That sounds like a fairy tail in the present time, right?!

Yeah, you're right. "Made in Bavaria" is certainly an honorable thing in terms of environmental impacts. But is the production in Bavaria also economical in terms of competition?

Well, we do not see our PINDING® as a competing product. That's why, we go our one way in terms of production. For us it is extremely important that we can intervene quickly and easily in the production process at any time due to the proximity to the partners. In our opinion this is much more important, than to be able to produce at low costs.

With the PINDING® you have, I quote "...developed the most innovative and safest freeride and touring binding". In your opinion, what makes the PINDING® so special?

We are in the comfortable position that we as a newcomer can act completely outlawed, i.e. as a new binding manufacturer. Therefore, we appreciate it very much, to be inspired by many excellent products on the market. The intended result of PINDING® will be a mix of security and performance when skiing, combined with the benefits of a pin system during the ascent.

Do you sometimes have to face fears and worries?

To be honest, I've full confidence in our tribe (Editor's note: the B.A.M. team) and their skills. Apart from that, fears and worries will only block us in our work. I'm sure, we will brace all challenges. When, if not now?! Who, if not us?! I hope that doesn't sound arrogant, but I'm convinced of that...

How and when can I purchase the PINDING®?

Our ambitious aim is, that the PINDING® will be available in the stores for next winter season 2016/17.

Where is the journey of B.A.M. heading in future?

We want to develop ingenious products that make sense. And then we want to do much testing with the entire tribe, exchange ideas and philosophize. And by the way, of course, we want to have fun in the mountains.

That sounds great! Thank you very much for the conversation, Bambam.

You can also watch Bambam's portfolio here.

"Bambam" Markus Steinke

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