Crowdfunding Goodies

Save great gift and give us a treat

The countdown is running. Our crowdfunding for PINDING® hits the home stretch and we start the final sprint!

We have five more days left until the end of our crowdfunding campaign for PINDING®. Only a small amount of money is missing to achieve our funding threshold!

B.A.M. ski strap © Gü Almberger

Therefore: Get one of these high quality double-walled stainless steel B.A.M. thermos flasks, that are perfect for cold days on the mountain. Or the stylish B.A.M. postcard set including a useful B.A.M. ski strap. We will send you the B.A.M. ski strap + postcards and the first 70 thermo flasks before Christmas.

B.A.M. thermos flask plus postcards

The special thing about it: You will not only have a great Christmas present but you will also give us a treat! You help us, B.A.M., an ambitious startup from Bavaria to promote this ingenious binding system!

Here you can directly support us and get your personal Thank you!

In the name of the whole team of B.A.M. we would like to sincerely thank you for your support!

Crowdfunding goodies

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