Broken River club field

Welcome to the jungle camp

The Broken River ski club field is located west of Christchurch and was founded in 1952 by twelve ski-loving Kiwis.

It is the heartfelt atmosphere that makes this club field something special. Already the access road over the Porter's pass and through the natural forests of the Craigieburn Forest Park is pure adventure. The Tyndall Tramway, New Zealand's first and only alpine cable car, takes you on the last meters to the lift house: "I felt like in a jungle camp where you have to buy your ski pass somewhere in rustic tree houses." B.A.M. team rider Joi after his arrival at the Broken River club field.

Broken River ski club field, Porter's Pass
B.A.M. tribe on the "stairway to heaven"

The final meters on the "stairway to heaven" were very hard. It felt like 5.000 steps, until you finally reach the bottom rope tow. However, after we survived the following rope tow ride with our Nutcracker, we were ready for the backcountry of Broken River.

The Broken River club field scores with its special location. Picturesque beech forests below the tree line alternate with rambling, alpine terrain. Thanks to its sheltered east facing position, Broken River can list plenty of powder days in a snowy winter season. Short climbs with skins also open an even bigger playground for freeriding. The east and west facing ridges and combs invited us to adventurous drop-ins. These variants offer sophisticated lines with exciting obstacles and varied turns.

New Zealand ski club field Broken River
Broken River above the timberline

After we had trashed out the options for freeriding in the backcountry of Broken River, it was time to travel back home with a heavy heart. 

In a number of different ways this ski trip to New Zealand was something special: For our team rider Michl the dream of skiing in New Zealand became true. Joi had to fight with the challenge between the role as an ambitious team rider in front of the camera and as a professional filmmaker behind the camera (Joi). For B.A.M. CEO Bambam this trip was a journey into his personal past as ski bum and the ultimate test of whether the vision of a new ski binding system will prove itself. Together we have grown into challenges. Together we developed a great passion that drives us: snowcapped mountains.

New Zealand's Broken River ski club field, Porter's Pass
B.A.M. team rider Joi furthers his passion of skiing and freeriding

For further information about skiing in the Broken River club field, please visit their homepage here.

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