B.A.M. behind the scenes | No. 3

The guys from Whiteroom Productions at work

We provide insight into the work of our partner Whiteroom Productions behind the camera.

During filming and then, our friends and colleagues Jakob Schweighofer, Simon Platzer and Joi Hoffmann did a great job.

Whiteroom Productions at work © BAM / Jakob Schweighofer

About Whiteroom Productions:

Whiteroom Productions is a small, independent film production from Innsbruck in Austria. The team led by Joi Hoffmann, Simon Platzer and Jakob Schweighofer specializes in high quality film productions with the main focus on ski movies.

We have to thank the great team of Whiteroom Productions for the genious visual output in the past few weeks!

Professional freerider Joi as well as filmer and photographer Jakob were talking about their impressions of the B.A.M. shooting and testing of the PINDING® in New Zealand.

Whiteroom Productions behind the scenes

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